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    The Third International Youth Scholar “Rixin Forum” of Beijing University of Technology


      “Rixin Forum” is an international young scholar forum held by Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). The forum aims to: attract more young talents to come to BJUT, understand the platform and opportunities it provides, aspire for the return of more overseas talent to contribute to the realization of The Centennial Dream of the Chinese nation, and most importantly, make BJUT a world-class university with the help of more young talents.

      论坛安排 Schedule





      地点:北京市朝阳区平乐园100号 北京工业大学


      June 11 afternoon: Scholars registration

      June 12Opening ceremony and holding of premier forum

      June 13: Sub-forum

      June 14 morning: Policy lecture, scholars check out

      Address: No. 100 Ping Leyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing University of Technology

      Host Unit: Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Overseas Talents Center


      申请条件 Applicant





      Age limit is up to 36 years of age for the fields of the sciences and engineering, and up to 40 years of age for the fields of the humanities and social sciences.

      Experts must satisfy one of the following two conditions:

      1. Domestic experts who have received doctoral degrees, have made outstanding academic achievements, and show a great potential for development.

      2. Experts who have received or will obtain PhD degrees, have more than three years of overseas study and work experience, have made outstanding academic achievements, and show a great potential for development.

      * For experts who have received doctoral degrees in natural science and engineering technology, and have three years of overseas full-time work experience after receiving the doctorate, age limit is up to 40 years of age.



      1. 请于2019年5月24日(周五)前,使用网上报名系统填写相关信息。


      2. 学校对申请人进行资格审核后,将陆续通过邮件发送论坛邀请函,请及时关注邮箱并发送参会回执。

      1. Please upload your resume on the online registration system before May 24, 2019 (Friday). Website: http://bjutrixin.mikecrm.com/yyWqUPo

      2. Invitations will be sent to your email after a verification procedure. Please pay attention to your email and send the confirmation message in a timely manner.




      Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Science & Technology, Control Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering & Thermo-physics Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Environmental Science & Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Optical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Urban & Rural Planning, Biomedical Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Applied Economics, Managerial Science & Engineering, etc.


      交通食宿 Transportation & Accommodation


      Accommodation and round-trip tickets for participants will be arranged.


      联系方式 Contact






      High-level Talent Office of Beijing University of Technology

      Contact: Wang Zheng, Wang Honglu

      Number: +8610-67396305

      Email: gdrc@bjut.edu.cn

      Address: No. 100 Pingle Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing University of Technology


    学校简介 A Brief Introduction

      北京工业大学(Beijing University of Technology)创建于1960年,是一所以工为主,理、工、经、管、文、法、艺术相结合的多科性市属重点大学。1981年成为国家教育部批准的第一批硕士学位授予单位,1985年成为博士学位授予单位,1996年通过国家“211工程”预审,正式跨入国家二十一世纪重点建设的百所大学的行列。2017年9月,学校正式进入国家“双一流”建设高校行列,全面开启世界一流大学和一流学科建设新征程。在2019年QS中国大陆大学排行榜中,学校位居第33名。

      Founded in 1960, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is a municipal multidisciplinary key university focusing on engineering and balanced with studies in the fields of construction science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law, arts, and education. In 1981, Beijing University of Technology was listed in the first batch of Master Degree Granting Units authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. In 1985, BJUT became a Doctoral Degree Granting Unit. In 1996, BJUT qualified for the pre-trial of the National “211 Project”, and officially joined the rank of the top 100 national key construction universities in the twenty-first century. In September 2017, BJUT was listed in China's Double First-Class Construction Plan, embarking on a new journey of building world First-Class university and First-Class disciplines. In 2019, BJUT ranked No.33 in China according to the QS Mainland China University Rankings.


      学科建设 Discipline Construction


      Taking the national enactment of “first-class discipline” universities as an opportunity, Beijing University of Technology has actively adjusted its layout and optimized its structure towards the frontier of supporting current and new disciplines. BJUT aims to build an internationally renowned, distinctive, and high-level research university which accommodates the new requirements of national and local economic development. BJUT now offers highly regarded discipline programs among the top ranked universities in China.





    科学研究 Scientific Research



      Beijing University of Technology upholds the concept of high-level scientific research supporting higher quality education, adheres to the scientific and technological development policy of "collaborative innovation, high-end leadership, and service to Beijing," promotes the construction of an internationally renowned, distinctive and high-level research university with solid and distinctive scientific research.





      师资队伍Teaching Staff


      Beijing University of Technology adheres to the following talent working policy. “Strengthening high-end, optimizing structure, emphasizing reform, and increasing vitality,” actively implementing the strategies of Reinvigorating China through Science and Education, and strengthening the nation through Human Resource Development. Up to now, BJUT has more than 3,200 teaching and administrative staff including more than 1,900 full-time teaching staff.



      高层次人才岗位 Post for High-Level Talents




      Please visit the website of Beijing Overseas Talents Center for details.


      应聘办法Application Method


      Beijing University of Technology welcomes talents throughout the year. Applicants are invited to submit detailed resumes, full text of academic representative works, and other supporting materials by email to the intended college as well as to the Senior Talent Recruitment Department(gdrc@bjut.edu.cn. We suggest that the resume has the following detailed information. This information is: basic personal information, education background, work experience, any scientific research projects and the titles of responsibility or supervision for those projects, representative research results, catalogue of works, related citation of works, and contact information. Please note to indicate the type of talent position you are applying for.


      学院联系方式Contact of Colleges



    中华人民共和国驻美国大使馆教育处 版权所有
    The Office of Educational Affairs of the Embassy of P.R.China in USA. All rights reserved.

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